MAAS Toys – Air Soldiers Project

We want to bring the Air Soldiers to life but we need your help to make it happen. You can help by supporting our crowd funding campaign and assure yourself an early copy of Renegade and possibly one or two of the other Air Soldiers, Wraith and Stormbreaker.

The Air Soldiers will retail at $110 when they are released but you can help fund them here at $90 a piece or get a full set of three at $86 each. Each figure stands at 20cm tall from the foot to the head (except for the Pointmen who would be a little taller because of their head) for you to get an idea of size.

It has been asked about timeline and we will be completely up front about this. The figure itself will take about 4 to 6 months for manufacturing and production with an additional month for getting things sorted for distribution. All of this sounds perfect and quick but until we can give the factory a deposit on the mold making, we can not for sure declare when they will be able to slot us in. So instead of making all kind of promises that we have no idea we can keep, we have left the timeline a little open. Good thing is if we are successful here it means that we will be able to present the factory with all the necessary funds up front meaning they will me much more likely to slot us in sooner rather than later. As we are pretty up front about this stuff, we will share any and all timelines with everyone using our social media channels as the information is presented to us so we will all know what is going on and when. We would love to be able to have this completed by the end of this year but it is more likely it would be completed after CNY of 2019 and available before TFCon of that year.

Available only during the Crowd Fund is the Royalty Regalia set which includes crown, shoulder pauldrons, cloth cape with wire for posing (cloth on the prototype is only for sizing and not a final product) and the lancer sword weapons. These pieces will not be offered anywhere else or any time else other than through this crowdfund.

Retailers can also show their support by getting one of the three case incentive packs available. Choice of 3 cases of Renegade or one of each case of Renegade, Stormbreaker and Wraith can be chosen upon completion of the Crowdfund. Each case of Renegade will also include the Royalty Regalia set for each of the figures in the case. The Royalty Regalia set will not be available to retailers other than through this Crowdfund.

Once we have reached our goal of $80,000 it will unlock the first of 3 additional figures. The first figure to unlock is the first of the Pointmen, Airlift. Once $90,000 is reached the second of the Pointmen, Phantom will be available to be added and if we reach $100,000 then the third of the Pointmen, Reaper will be unlocked. Each of the unlocked Pointmen will be available at $100 each with a retail price of $120 when these figures become available at retail. You can save up to $60 by unlocking all three of the Pointmen.

All pledges can be edited at any time by sending an email to Choose the Crowdfund Payment option at checkout to secure your pledge. You can choose to pay for your pledge right away by just going through the regular payment process. All Crowdfund Payment pledges will only be billed upon the completion of the Crowdfund and only if the goal is reached. If the goal is not reached then no one will be billed and the project unfortunately will not be completed. All pledges who did pay upon checkout will have their pledge refunded immediately if the Crowdfund is not successful. Crowdfund is only for a month and a half, until July 15th and will close at that time, funded or not.

If you have any questions please email us at and we will get to you right away.

You can view the full gallery of Renegade here: MAAS Select Gallery

If the Crowdfund is successful we assure everyone who pledges that we will share the entire process along the way. Each step of the way will be documented with photos and text and we will share everything here on our page and through our Facebook and even in certain instances we will share choices with our pledges, such as paint applications or accessories included or other aspects of the project. We want to include everyone along the way and make you as much a part of this process as we are ourselves. We hope you join us with a pledge and become one of our team.


Submit questions to We will add them here for everyone.

Project FAQ's:

  1. Do I have to pay up front?
    Answer: No, you do not need to pay up front. You can use the Crowdfund Payment option and then once the Crowdfund is complete and successful you will be sent an invoice at that time for payment. You can choose to make your payment up front and if the Crowdfund is not successful then your payment will automatically be refunded. 
  2. How is your shipping Calculated?
    Answer: Shipping is calculated per character, so each character has a $12.99 shipping fee added on. This fee per character does enable you to add several of a single character and ship them all for $12.99, for example you can pledge for 3 pieces of Renegade and ship all three for $12.99, but if you get a Renegade and a Wraith, the shipping will be $12.99 for each piece or $25.98 in total. As Characters are not guaranteed to be produced at the same time, this means each delivery will happen as production is completed. You can get the set of three for a discounted price of $29.99 shipping but all three characters will be shipped at one time as a set. Shipping on the retailer package is included in the price of the package. There is no additional shipping fee needed. 
  3. What is the case quantity for the Retailer Incentive?
    Answer: Each one of the cases have a total of 12 figures in them. If you Opt for the 3 cases of Renegade then you would get 36 pieces in total of Renegade. If you opt for the 1 case of each, Renegade, Stormbreaker and Wraith, then you would get 12 pieces of each character for a total of 36 pieces. 
  4. So, what scale is this?


Project Updates as they Happen

Pledged of $80,000 Goal
Ended On
Help us bring Renegade and the Air Soldiers to life.
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for MAAS Toys – Air Soldiers Project

Stretch Goals

Pointman Airlift
Pointman Phantom
Pointman Reaper

39 thoughts on “MAAS Toys – Air Soldiers Project”

  1. um, I am running into a pledging error? I try to pledge for a set of air warriors and when I press next, I get the error “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.”

  2. Since the 3 pack won’t ship until all three figures are available, shouldn’t the shipping be $12.99? It’s no different than buying three of the same character for $12.99 shipping since the 3 pack isn’t being shipped out individually.

    1. Buying the 3 of them gives you a pretty big discount and so there is not as much room to play with when it comes to shipping. When you get 3 of the same figure there is no further discount there so you can get it for the $12.99 shipping instead of the $29.99 shipping then there is your discount for buying multiples. The two methods of purchase both end up closer to the same price but the set of 3 gives a slightly larger discount because of the wait you will be required to endure for the full set of 3 to be finished.

      Hope that makes sense?

    1. These can be shipped anywhere in the world. The shipping fee covers any location you can think of that accepts a standard postal service.

  3. Any chance we would ever see a slight retool of the mold to give it more femme features (waist/arms/legs) and a new head for Slipstream?

    1. All repaint and retool options will be up to the fandom. We will be using our social media platforms as a venue for everyone involved to have a voice and have the ability to make recolors a reality. Keep an eye on our FB page or our news feed here for more information shortly.

    1. These figures are 20cm from the head to the foot. How you consider that as scale in your collection is up to you as a collector.

  4. A few ideas;
    1- there should be an option to buy/support all six airmen, this way we can judge support and help reach goals faster.
    2- in my opinion, spend as little amount of time, money, and effort on the box. I think the majority of supporters would agree.
    3- it would be nice to have some different and new weapon options, a long with the classic G1 weapons.


    1. Thank you for your suggestions. Here are a few responses for you:
      1 – This has been discussed within the team. There is a lot of difficulties with opening up all 6 pieces to everyone but as I say, it has been discussed.
      2 – Packaging will be good and sturdy but not over the top, don’t worry.
      3 – Each of the Pointmen actually do have original weapons with them, similar to their original vintage look. All the weapons are interchangeable with each of the figures.

  5. Hi there, I’ve had a bit of a change in circumstances and I’d like to alter my pledge to just Renegade. Can you help me with this?

  6. I’d love to buy them but I’m only interested if all 6 will be produced. I’ll hold out to the end but I don’t want to end up with 3 of the 6 main seekers. Thoughts on lowering the goal slightly? 11 days and 75k to go in this market is steep.

    1. As stated previous, if the Crowdfund is successful all 6 figures will be produced. The funding determines how long it will take before all of them can be done. They will still be produced one at a time and not all in one go.

      To be clear, if one of them will be made all 6 of them will eventually be made.

    1. Yes, shipping is included for every part of the world so we do indeed ship to Hong Kong and anywhere else that accepts mail.

  7. I’m a little confused by the evasiveness on the scale of these figures. They seem too short to be Masterpiece scaled and too tall to be classics scale.

    They seem almost like they are small Voyager-class figures.

    Surely you had something in mind when you picked the size. What are these designed to display with?

    1. As we have stated previously, we are not here to dictate scale to anyone and we are not here to judge anyone’s shelves or how they display their figures. We have been very clear to the height of the figure being 20cm from foot to head and we have provided images with other figures to show how big the figure actually is. None of this is being evasive.

      How this fits into your collection is up to each and every individual. Want to display with MP figures? That is awesome for you. Want to display with CHUG figures (which have zero scale following other than price points) then that is also awesome for you. Want to display with MMC or Cross Dimension figures, we will support your decision right to the very end.

      Collections are personal and there is no way we are ever going to tell you how to display your things. We will always provide you with facts and data that is requested and it is up to you as an individual and conscious human being to make the decision on how to interpret that data.

      Hope that helps explain our position further. Sorry we are not giving you the direct answer you may seek with it seems to be a definitive scale remark.

      1. What an arrogant and condescending reply.

        ‘it is up to you as an individual and conscious human being to make the decision on how to interpret that data.”

        It’s transformers collecting. Literally every other manufacturer classifies their toys into the general categories such as Legends, Leader, Voyager, MP etc. And an awful lot of people base their collections around these categories.

        That’s purpose of them, to get a collection that works together, so a each character feels right and fits in with how the source material portrays them, and the overall scale and aesthetic is consistent.

        You’ve simply made a design that doesn’t really fit into any of them. An odd one out. You’re in the minority of manufacturers for doing it that way, so of course people will ask you about it.

        It’s fine, no need to be so patronising about it. No need to talk down to people by intimating their in the wrong for following an established scale (there was a remark along tge lines of ‘limiting yourself to following others’ in a forum post).

        Just say ‘we didn’t have a scale in mind, we just designed it how we wanted. It’s 20cm tall.’

        PS scale doesn’t just mean height.

        1. If we came off as arrogant, we sorry you feel that way as it is not the intention. The point we’re trying to stress is that we are MAAS Toys, our products are primarily made to work with our products. If people want to place them in other existing collections, and they have, we welcome it. Our toys are not cartoon accurate, so we don’t feel beholden to that scale. We’re not making them for other companies, so we’re not sizing them to anyone else. Much like Spark Toys, MT’s Cross Dimension line, Toy World and some other 3P companies, we’re trying to carve out a place in a niche market by doing our own thing. And we also feel size/scale is strange in this hobby when a certain gray and red jet can be a Leader class, a Deluxe, and a Voyager all within 3 years without anyone batting an eye. If you want to categorize Renegade, think of it as the old Ultra class that was still used during the first Classics line. As for our rationale, we looked at our Skiff figure, pulled out the old measuring tape, and 20cm is where we decided it looked good.

          1. Thanks and good luck with the TFcon weekend.

            I can’t quite stretch to one at the moment, but if a UK retailer picks up the finished item I’ll likely take one.

            I backed the Unrustables too, so confident in you guys coming through.

          2. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

            I wish you luck trying to create yet another scale in the Transformers collecting universe. It seems an uphill and unnecessary battle to me, but obviously you feel that people will want a shelf of just MAAS Toys.

            In the future, though, I’d be a little less flippant and condescending in discussions about scale and size. This is actually the biggest issue in Transformers collecting (particularly if you include third party figures) and telling customers, “It’s 20 CM high, use that information as you see fit,” strikes me as a poor way to attract new business.

            Good luck on your crowd funding. I was very intrigued by a line of high quality seekers that aren’t MP-scale, but I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

          3. @Chris, pretty sure you will be able to check with Kapow Toys in the UK as they do carry our items. Fairly sure they will this one as well once the figure is completed.

            @Jeremy, again sorry if you feel slighted or that the response was condescending. Unfortunately when it comes to text emotions are relied upon by the reader and things can come across different than they are intended as is this case.

        2. Maas Toys, don’t mind this guy. there was nothing wrong with your original response, or any other responses you have given. Chris, get off your high-horse. There is no scale. Hasbro has three different scales of toys, none of which match the show or even each other. Maas said it’s 20cm tall – that’s the factual information you need. everything else is just speculation, and as soon as someone says “this is voyager scale,” then a bunch of people get upset that it’s not exactly what they thought. and most 3p companies DO NOT tell you the scale – reviewers talk about scale. All that matters is the size, and how you thin that fits into your collection, and you have that information.

  8. Hi I was just wondering if you had a approximate exchange rate for GBP on these figure and if shipping includes any potential customs fees to the UK. Also do you have to pledge for all 6 characters now in order to gain them at this price or can you pledge for 3 say the air soldiers and later pledge for the point men at the current price being offered. Apologies if this has already been asked just hoping you could clarify thanks.

    1. Very sorry for the late reply.

      Not sure of the current exchange rate of the GBP but best to check for any current rates. We use Paypal for all our payment processing so it would be their rates that are being used or your credit card company.

      The pledges on the site are the only way to get the rates available for the Crowdfund. Now that the CF is closed the prices available to retailers will be up to them to decide. Many retailers did use the retailer pledge meaning they received the CF price for their inventory. Once they sell out of the lower priced ones they may have to sell the remainder at whatever the actual standard retail price will be.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  9. Hello.

    I apologize if this has been addressed before, but when do we need to send in payment? My order shows it is on hold. I am ready to pay whenever I have to, but will there be notification?

    I thank you for your time.

    1. We will be sending out invoices for everyone very shortly and then you can just click the link in the invoice to make your payment.

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