Introducing the Veritech Hover Tank in 1/32 Scale!

The Veritech Hover Tank or VHT-1 was the primary Mech for the Southern Cross during the Second Robotech War and were used by all the ground forces during their conflict with the Robotech Masters.

The VHT-1 has three modes to it, its transport mode which is capable of speeds up to 190 kph regardless of terrain. It’s Guardian or Gladiator mode features a heavy cannon and a tri-barreled autocannon and was capable of holding defensive lines with their heavy firepower. Their third mode or Battloid mode is similar to previous veritechs and destroids but much smaller, faster and a lot more nimble then previous versions.

The pilot for the VHT-1 is partially exposed in both transport mode and in Guardian mode but is fully enclosed when in Battloid mode to ensure protection when engaged in hand to hand combat with an enemy. As development progressed there was a canopy and additional thrusters created enabling the VHT-1 to participate in space battles and offer further protection from stray weapons fire.

The VHT-1 and Southern Cross overall has been a very underdeveloped market when it comes to toys and action figures. While it is true that The Robotech Masters Saga does seem to be the least favored by the fans of the Robotech Trilogy, there is still a lot of great features to many of the mech and there is a lot of chance for development in toys and figures from this mostly forgotten saga.

MAAS want to explore this realm of Robotech with the Robotech Community and Southern Cross fans in General and so we would like to introduce our first exploration into the Robotech Fandom, the Robotech Masters Masterpiece VHT-1 Veritech Hover Tank.

The Masterpiece VHT-1 is a fully transforming vehicle which will duplicate all three modes of the original anime. This piece is designed to be 1/32 in scale and will stand a full 20 cm tall when in Battloid mode. There is a pilot included which can sit in all three modes and will be fully enclosed for the third mode inside the figure.

When in Battloid mode the robot figure will be fully poseable with extensive joints in the neck, shoulder, arms, hips, legs and feet meaning you will be able to recreate your favorite poses and looks from the show itself or come up with your own battle poses for your shelf.

Several accessories will be included such as its primary weapon, the single barrel 105mm high-velocity projectile cannon and 8 different interchangeable hands including fists, grabbing, relaxed open and grip for the weapons. There will also be a few more surprise accessories that will be included. Those who know the Robotech Masters story may be pretty good in guessing what some of those additional accessories may include!

Because Southern Cross is a hugely unexplored realm when it comes to toys and figures MAAS are going to need to do something a little different in this situation. We currently have everything we need to begin production on this piece but we are missing some very important pieces to the puzzle.

At this time we are uncertain of the demand for Southern Cross figures. We will be reaching out further to the community to see exactly how much of a demand there is for this piece and other possible pieces in the Southern Cross universe.

We have done a lot of research and have decided we wanted to explore a scale that is relatively un-touched in the world of Robotech. Veritechs have been done in so many scales, such as 1/100, 1/72, 1/60 and 1/48. We have decided to go with the 1/32 scale because we feel it opens many other doors for not only mechs that have not been done before but for figures as well as the 1/32 scale gives way to a 5 cm figure with decent articulation. Since the VHT-1 is a much smaller mech than the Veritech and other Macross Saga vehicles we thought it would be a great opportunity to start fresh with this new scale as the VHT ends up being a great height at 20 cm tall and offers some great shelf presence.

If we can find the support from the community and we are successful in this endeavor then you can be assured we will explore so many more areas of not only Southern Cross but other areas of Robotech in this same scale. We have already considered mech such as the Logan and the AJAX as well as many other lesser known figures and accessories.

Because we are doing this as much for the community as we are for our love of the Robotech Mecha, we are in need of your input in this as well. MAAS has always been a community based business and have been active on Social Media and we listen to what you have to say. We want the fandom to be as much a part of this process as we are ourselves. We take all fan input into consideration and want you to be a part of the entire process of creating and producing a figure of this caliber. Since the primary goal is to do something that the community wants to put on their shelf, it is wise to listen and understand what the community actually wants to see.

So who is MAAS you may be asking? We are a small and relatively new company but all our team have plenty of experience in the toy manufacturing world and to top all of that off everyone on the team are huge fans of Robotech and other transforming robot and mecha shows. All of our combined experience and enthusiasm means we are going to be very critical of our own productions as much as we would be of someone else’s so the end result would be a piece we want to put on our shelf just as much as we would want you to have it on yours. We are very easily reachable at if you have any questions and are also reachable on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our team are as much a part of the community as most fans are, even if you don’t realize you are talking to them.