Renegade Crowdfund – Update #2

Just a quick update on Renegade and where we are currently at with the project.

Unfortunately at this time we are still waiting for people to put in their payment or contact us to make other arrangements, but we have sent out emails to everyone that they have until Oct 10th which is a few days from now. If we have not received your payment or an email contacting us regarding your payment, pledges will be cancelled and we will move on from there. We will be doing a full report on how many backers have covered their pledge and how many failed to fulfill their pledge in the end.

In the meantime we have been in contact with our factory and as soon as funds can be sent we will begin the process of going over the 3d from the designers and making any changes that are needed according to the factory engineers. We will be going over all the different areas that need possible changes including the best way to go about doing the joints and ensuring they are enough to hold the weight of the figure and to maintain our very strict level of possibility required.

In the meantime, be sure to follow our Facebook page or check our Website regularly. We will be posting an update each month on where we are at in our progress close to the beginning of each month and we will share that update on our site and on our FB page. Any comments and concerns are appreciated and welcomed. Use our social media channels to communicate with us or you can send us an email directly using our contact us page on

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