Crowdfund gets new additions for donation levels

We have had a few people tell us that they want to support the project but unfortunately are not able to produce the funds at this time to support. We do let them know that the funds for the project are only collected IF the project is successful. When you place your pledge please be sure you use the Crowdfund Payment option and your pledge won’t be billed to you until the end of July and only if the Crowdfund is successful.

For those who want to support but don’t feel they can go for the complete figure at this time we have added a few smaller tiers for you. For $10 you can get a supporter sticker and $30 gets you a supporter T Shirt. Those getting the shirt will get a coupon code for a discount at our store if the crowdfunding is successful. Remember to use the crowdfund payment option at the checkout. (Designs are pending)

Use the Renegade Crowdfund link at the top of the page to show your support of this project!