Bobby Skullface Gives his thoughts on Crowdfunding

Recently Bobby Skullface, well known reviewer and previously worked with MAAS Toys on the Skiff project, has given his opinions on Crowdfunding and how it helps or does not help the current market. Take a look at his recent Sit Down Saturday video here:

How do you feel about Crowdfunding in general? OK for the big guys to do it as well as smaller companies? Do you think companies do crowdfunding only for the money or is there more to it than just money?

Crowdfunds do offer a lot more than just a source of revenue to a business. It is a marketing platform in an effort to reach out to more people and it is also a gauge to see what kind of interest the fandom can have in a project. If the interest just is not there then no need to invest capital into a project right?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this as well. Do you agree with crowdfunding or no?