MAAS Select Air Soldiers update: Crowdfunding campaign announced!

So, we hope that everyone has enjoyed the full reveal of Renegade, the first of our Air Soldiers line for MAAS Select. We’ve had many questions about when it will be released and we’d like to be honest with our fans.

Renegade is the first design submitted to us from one of our new designers. Our request was for a cybertronian style alt-mode figure that maintained a classic bot look, something that hasn’t been done just right yet. Needless to say, the designer blew it out of the water. Renegade and his variants were beyond our expectations and well above our plans for the CyberTech line. Thus, we created MAAS Select as a line of higher end figures while maintaining the playability of our other figures.

However, this project did go above and beyond our budget for production, but these figures are too cool not to make. So beginning at the end of the month, we will be running a crowdfunding campaign on our website for the seed funds to get the Air Soldiers and Pointmen made. Initially the Air Soldiers will be available first at the price of $90 USD per figure or $260 for all three. The figures will not be exclusive to this campaign and will be available at online retailers later at an estimated retail price of $100 per figure but, this campaign will be the only way to get the crown and cape set for Renegade (included with each order).  Note: Cape in picture is a visual model, not the final version.

Upon reaching our first unlocked goal, all six figures are guaranteed to be released on a staggered schedule. The first of the unlocked goals will unlock one of the Pointmen, available at $100 per figure. (an estimated $120 retail price) The second unlock goal will release the next Pointman and then of course, the third goal will release the third Pointmen. We may have stretch goals for repaints beyond the initial six, but we will need more of your input before any final decisions are made.

As with all our projects, we would like to have some feedback before starting the crowdfund. We’ll take all advice into account (save major changes to the figures themselves) before our launch. At the end of the day, we hope you’ll take part in getting these amazing figures made. As always, thank you for your support!