Introducing MS01 Renegade and the Air Soldiers


It’s X-MAAS season already, and the gifts are just starting! After months of teasing, we present to you our first entries in our new MAAS Select line, The Air Soldiers: MS01 Renegade, MS02 Stormbreaker, and MS03 Wraith. This transforming jet squadron converts from alien spacecraft to robotic soldiers. Each figure features multiple points of articulation, stands at 20cm to the top of the head, and comes with each robot’s familiar accessories/weapons.

This project comes to us from one of the newest members of the MAAS design team, and has evolved into something much more than our CyberTech line. So, we feel that they should herald a new line of more premium figures under the MAAS banner. However the playability, fun, and spirit of MAAS Toys is not lost in these new figures. Our first prototype is in development as we speak. Stay tuned to hear more news, details and release information!!

MS01 Renegade

MS02 Stormbreaker

MS03 Wraith