Introducing MAAS Select ?????

So what can we do to top the reveal of our MAAS Select Air Soldiers?

How about the reveal of MS04 Robocarcopter???? The most original figure of the year!


We are not doing that.


And while we’re at it, 中国朋友们,这是个玩笑。我们不制造弹簧。

However, we’ll follow the Air Soldiers by revealing their brutish counterparts, The Pointmen: MS04 Airlift, MS05 Phantom, and MS05 Reaper. These malevolent flying thugs convert from alien spacecraft to robotic soldiers. Each figure features multiple points of articulation, stands at slightly over 20cm to the top of the head, and each comes with their familiar accessories/weapons.

More news and release information to come! Keep an eye out here, our Twitter, and our Facebook page to keep up to date on all of our figures.

MS04 Airlift

MS05 Phantom

MS06 Reaper